Need new vocal exercises to fix your voice problem?  Probably the most important concept I want you to understand is that simply “practicing more” isn’t always the answer to getting better.

Many people go around YouTube hunting for “vocal exercises” to improve their singing. But did you know that it doesn’t matter what exercises you do if you don’t do them properly?

Whenever I get an email from a struggling singer the first thing I notice is that they aren’t doing their exercises properly.

They learn support, vowel placement, scales etc. but they don’t learn those things PROPERLY.

I believe that is the key.

So I have made a video going more into depth on this subject. If there’s one thing you need to know about me it is this:

My main focus is on getting singers to understand how to do things properly. How to get into the right coordination that will grow the voice. That’s why I chose that name for my website. Enjoy the video!

Illuminati Holding You Down? “The Music Industry Sucks Man…”

Illuminati holding you down?  I see many musicians using excuses as to why they cannot succeed “the music industry doesn’t like REAL music (only my music is “real” music)”  or “If you have money then you’re evil” and other self-defeating mindsets.

Get off your ass and use the system you hate in order to fix the problem.