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Vocal Technique Methods

Still after all these years?

You have heard all the names, explored all the options, been floored by
all celebrities, etc..

But yet something doesn’t work for you.. You do all the exercises, follow
all the directions and still have a problem with your G4 your A4… What’s
the deal?

Well I’m here to tell ya!!! You need to study my method!!!!!

Now I would just be another Teacher trying to sell you my “method” if I
did that..

That is not what this article is going to be about.  I’m going to tell you
why I personally don’t believe and have never followed a “method”.  Now, I
have a lot of friends that teach a method or sell a method and they are
all good at what they do.  So this article is for the singer’s that try
method’s but still end up confused.

I’m going to be quick so pay attention.

The voice is about balance.  Balance in resonation,  balance in cord
closure,  balance in vowel color,  balance in breath flow,  balance of
intensity.  Methods choose to be dominant in a certain area  “head voice
method”   ‘”chest voice method”,   “cord closure method”  “easy onset
method’, “appoggio method” “crying method” etc.. They all have their own
specific goto which worked for them when they were learning.. Now the
problem is “when they were learning”  not you,  but them specifically..

Sorry but that is it. 🙂 You see, a chest voice dominant program might
work if you’re young.  The instrument is young and can handle this but in
time could cause problems,  Just as a head voice dominant program might
work for an older heavy speaking singer but not for a young soft spoken

As a teacher I listen to the speech and the attitude of the singer and
then create a methodology for him or her specifically.. This is the
problem with programs.  They give the same exercises to whomever is
studying.  Which I believe is harmful to the singer.  a quick easy way to
look at this would be, one singer squeezes and presses his way to the top
and the other singer flips early all the way to the top,  and my “method”
teaches them the same.  That is a deal breaker right there….

We all have different attitudes and speech habits which in turn effect our
voice.. Each voice needs to be taught personally.  Until the student
understands the specific purpose of each exercise and can determine what
he or she needs at a specific time in their growth as a singer.  From
there, they can teach themselves,  which I believe to be the most

Have a good one!!