Illuminati Holding You Down? “The Music Industry Sucks Man…”

Illuminati holding you down?  I see many musicians using excuses as to why they cannot succeed “the music industry doesn’t like REAL music (only my music is “real” music)”  or “If you have money then you’re evil” and other self-defeating mindsets.

Get off your ass and use the system you hate in order to fix the problem.

Phil Moufarrege

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  1. Great video, thanks for posting! Sometimes people think that they lay on the couch, do nothing and will get gigs and will be discovered by big producers:) Which is truly the opposite. I’m reading moonwalk by Michael Jackson now and it was interesting to read how they started their journey, how much they spent on preparing and how they were participating in different competitions when they got a chance, they used all the chances they got along the way but they didn’t wait for them, they were looking for them actively!

    • Hi Victoria,
      I’ve also read MJ’s book it is indeed quite inspiring. I love to read books by successful individuals so I can get in their psychology and understand how they overcame obstacles in life.

      Case in point, as you mentioned: even MJ who was extremely TALENTED had to WORK HIS BUTT OFF.

      Thanks for writing.

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