How to Write a Song for the Impatient!

How to Write a Song For the Impatient – Songwriting for dummies err…Beginners!

I couldn’t stop myself from falling asleep when people told me I had to learn a bunch of chords on the guitar first. I was writing songs before I had learned any instruments. I was impatient and wanted results NOW. The cool thing is, it is possible and I’ll show you how with some cool song writing resources.

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How to Belt High Notes Safely

Ever wondered how to belt high notes safely?  It is a question I get often, and being a belter myself I love to answer it.  I feel it is never really covered properly in the myriad of articles and YouTube videos.  Especially the importance of minimizing excessive vocal tract shifting, which is absolutely crucial, otherwise you’ll just choke on tough vowels and consonants.

I wrote an article detailing the necessary ingredients for belting and you can find it here.

Written by Phil Moufarrege