Illuminati Holding You Down? “The Music Industry Sucks Man…”

Illuminati holding you down?  I see many musicians using excuses as to why they cannot succeed “the music industry doesn’t like REAL music (only my music is “real” music)”  or “If you have money then you’re evil” and other self-defeating mindsets.

Get off your ass and use the system you hate in order to fix the problem.

Recording Basics – Monitoring and Technique (Ears Part 2)

So what is Monitoring? In a simple description, it’s the way we have to hear the results we are tracking, recording or mixing. It’s our way to see what is going on with the recording. I will talk a bit here about how to choose adequate headphones and speakers, also … Read More…

How to Belt High Notes Safely

Ever wondered how to belt high notes safely?  It is a question I get often, and being a belter myself I love to answer it.  I feel it is never really covered properly in the myriad of articles and YouTube videos.  Especially the importance of minimizing excessive vocal tract shifting, which is absolutely crucial, otherwise you’ll just choke on tough vowels and consonants.

I wrote an article detailing the necessary ingredients for belting and you can find it here.

Written by Phil Moufarrege