The day I almost died…

Back when I was first struggling to learn how to sing I would spend all my time hunting down free articles, videos, books and courses hoping to get the “ultimate key secret” that I was missing.

I went through several years of frustration, getting nowhere with my voice. I started to even “bargain” with myself by saying things like:

“Well I don’t need to sing THAT high. If I can just sing the G4 without straining I’ll be happy”. It was a lie though wasn’t it?

Truth is I wanted more.


One day I decided to do some things I intuitively knew were working but had thrown out (because various “online gurus” who had no avatar or singing samples were telling me I was wrong).

I grabbed my guitar and just decided to practice myself without listening to the pre-recorded scales I would usually use which were too fast for me.

That day I spent about 3 hours training, and somewhere in that 3rd hour I suddenly felt a release. I nearly died!! It wasn’t falsetto, it was still my chest voice but it felt EASY. I went up to the tenor high C with no strain. I discovered my mixed voice.

Next day I couldn’t get back in there. The next couple years I spent trying to figure out how to get that sensation consistent (I kept falling in and out of it on certain days).

So that’s a little bit about some of the struggles I went through (there were more).

If you feel alone in your struggles, remember there are others who went through similar things you did. And I honestly am grateful for it because it makes me a better vocal coach!!

By Phil Moufarrege

Phil Moufarrege

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